[saturday, june 30, 2012]    
9:30 AM CARTOON thundercats: ramlak rising (#103)
10:00 AM CARTOON green lantern: the animated series: heir apparent (#105)
10:30 AM CARTOON young justice: image (#121)
7:00 PM COOKING food(ography): cakes & cookies (CCFDH-418H)
  ANIMAL PLANET my cat from hell: spitting mad (#206)
7:30 PM COOKING food(ography): pies (CCFDH-410H)
8:00 PM CBS csi: ny: officer involved (#804)
  ABC extreme makeover: home edition: hill family (#907A/907B)
  HGTV hgtv design star: designers create fantasy lounges for hollywood's 125th birthday party (HSTAR-705ZT2H)
  ANIMAL PLANET my cat from hell: cat fight! (#205)
9:00 PM PBS austin city limits: randy newman (#370)
  CBS blue bloods: age of innocence (#116)
  BBCA merlin: beauty and the beast - part 2 (#206)
9:30 PM SCIENCE oddities: san francisco: shock the monkey (#101)
10:00 PM CBS 48 hours mystery: showdown in the bedroom
  ABC castle: dial m for mayor (#412)
  BBCA merlin: the witchfinder (#207)
  SCIENCE oddities: hedgehog homolog (#209)
  A&E storage wars: third eye of the tiger (#63/311)
  ANIMAL PLANET tanked: serenity now (#203)
10:30 PM SCIENCE oddities: the smoking lung (#306)
  A&E storage wars: the iceman carveth (#61/309)
11:00 PM A&E barter kings: not-so-easy rider (#05/105)
  FOX finder, the: the conversation (FIN-106)
11:29 PM NBC saturday night live: emma stone / kings of leon (#3604)
11:30 PM A&E barter kings: bah-bam! (#08/108)
11:59 PM FOX 30 seconds to fame: episode 106 (SEC-106)

  [june 2012]