[sunday, june 03, 2012]    
7:00 PM FOX american dad: hot water (DAD-618)
  ABC america's funniest home videos: episode 2208 (#2208)
  LIFETIME lifetime movie: imaginary friend
7:30 PM FOX cleveland show, the: frapp attack (CLE-312)
8:00 PM CBS dogs in the city: i speak dog (#101)
  HGTV holmes on homes: minor finds, major fixes (HHIP-410H)
  FOX simpsons, the: the food wife (SI-2220)
8:30 PM FOX bob's burgers: lobsterfest (BOB-113)
9:00 PM ANIMAL PLANET call of the wildman: turtle boot camp (#106)
  FOX family guy: stewie goes for a drive (FG-902)
  CBS good wife, the: feeding the rat (#304)
  E! keeping up with the kardashians: everybody's wigging out (#703-60)
  BIO killer kids: occult killers (#105)
  SYFY syfy movie: close encounters of the third kind
9:30 PM FOX american dad: virtual in-stanity (DAD-616)
  ANIMAL PLANET call of the wildman: dilapidated death trap (#112)
10:00 PM CBS csi: miami: a few dead men (#1009)
  BIO killer kids: psychopath killers (#106)
  HISTORY mountain men: winter is coming (#101)
  E! mrs eastwood and company: material things (#103)
  COOKING unique eats: bbq (CCXTR-306H)
10:30 PM COOKING unique eats: americana (CCXTR-108H)

  [june 2012]