[wednesday, july 04, 2012]    
12:00 AM ION flashpoint: a new life (#F411)
6:00 AM SYFY syfy movie: the twilight zone marathon
5:00 PM TNT dallas: pilot - changing of the guard (#101)
6:00 PM TNT dallas: hedging your bets (#102)
7:00 PM TNT dallas: price you pay, the (#103)
7:30 PM CARTOON johnny test: magic johnny (#545)
7:45 PM CARTOON johnny test: dolly johnny (#546)
8:00 PM The CW america's next top model: game (#1708)
  NBC betty white's off their rockers: episode 8 (#108)
  TNT dallas: last hurrah, the (#104)
  CBS dogs in the city: don't give me the drool (#103)
  TRAVEL man v. food: phoenix
  ABC middle, the: major changes (#3X6904)
  FOX new girl: thanksgiving (NG-107)
  CARTOON ninjago: masters of spinjitzu: the rise of the great devourer (#112)
  SPIKE TV spike tv special: star wars: episode iv - a new hope (1977)
8:30 PM HGTV kitchen cousins: tuscan surprise (HKITC-205H)
  TRAVEL man v. food: long island
  FOX new girl: valentine's day (NG-114)
  ABC suburgatory: repeat tba
  NBC up all night: couple friends (#119)
9:00 PM TRAVEL adam richman's best sandwich in america: gulf coast (#102)
  The CW america's next top model: nikos papadopoulos (#1709)
  HISTORY cajun pawn stars: little house on the bayou (#V204)
  CBS criminal minds: it takes a village (#701)
  DISCOVERY fast n' loud: monkey business dragster (#103)
  ABC modern family: lifetime supply (#3ARG11)
  FOX new girl: normal (NG-120)
  BRAVO real housewives of new jersey, the: public display of rejection (#409)
  A&E storage wars: blame it on the rain (#50/231)
9:30 PM TRAVEL adam richman's best sandwich in america: mid atlantic (#105)
  HISTORY cajun pawn stars: buy george! (#V203)
  ABC modern family: egg drop (#3ARG12)
  FOX new girl: tomatoes (NG-122)
  PBS pbs special: a capitol fourth (2012) (#CPFH)
  A&E storage wars: the iceman carveth (#61/309)
10:00 PM A&E barter kings: diamond in the rough (#03/103)
  HISTORY cajun pawn stars: gimme some skin (#V201)
  DISCOVERY fast n' loud: double trouble galaxie (#104)
  TLC four houses: ...and a stuffed peacock (#101)
  TRAVEL man v. food: north carolina
  NBC nbc special: macy's 4th of july fireworks spectacular
  BRAVO real housewives of new jersey, the: temporary shrinkage (#410)
  FOOD restaurant: impossible: pappas restaurant (#IL0309ZH)
  BBCA top gear: ronnie wood (#1003)
10:30 PM A&E barter kings: bah-bam! (#08/108)
  HISTORY cajun pawn stars: some pig (#V202)
  HGTV house hunters international: choosing between sand traps and sandy beaches as a young couple plans a wedding (HHINT-3508H)
  TRAVEL man v. food: alaska
11:00 PM LIFETIME coming home: out of thin air (#209)

  [july 2012]