[saturday, july 14, 2012]    
9:30 AM CARTOON ninjago: masters of spinjitzu: never trust a snake (#104)
10:00 AM CARTOON green lantern: the animated series: reckoning (#107)
10:30 AM CARTOON young justice: insecurity (#123)
7:00 PM COOKING food(ography): seafood (CCFDH-425H)
7:30 PM COOKING food(ography): new orleans (CCFDH-423H)
8:00 PM FOX cops: street arrests (CP-2405)
  ABC extreme makeover: home edition: rucker family (#903)
  HGTV hgtv design star: final four designers make over condos and appear on national daytime show the talk (HSTAR-707ZT2H)
  LIFETIME lifetime movie: blue-eyed butcher
  OWN welcome to sweetie pie's: the business of family (#101)
8:30 PM FOX cops: domestic disputes (CP-2407)
9:00 PM PBS austin city limits: kenny chesney (#3503)
  ABC ball boys: high flyers/don't hassle the hof (#107/109)
  BIO celebrity ghost stories: erik estrada, micah sloat, joan osborne, reginald veljohnson (#403)
  BBCA merlin: sweet dreams (#210)
  FOX mobbed: a father's apology (SP-1209)
  OWN welcome to sweetie pie's: happy birthday, miss robbie (#102)
9:30 PM SCIENCE oddities: san francisco: holy hydrocephalic cow (#104)
10:00 PM CBS 48 hours mystery: a family affair
  ABC castle: the blue butterfly (#414)
  BBCA merlin: the witch's quickening (#211)
  ANIMAL PLANET tanked: roll with it (#204)
10:30 PM HEALTH er nights: heart failure at the finish line (#102)
11:00 PM FOX finder, the: voodoo undo (FIN-111)
11:29 PM NBC saturday night live: melissa mccarthy / lady antebellum (#3702)
11:59 PM FOX 30 seconds to fame: episode 108 (SEC-108)

  [july 2012]