[sunday, august 31, 2014]    
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8:00 AM HGTV property virgins: wedding present (#1601)
[16th season premiere]
9:00 AM DISNEY XD marvel's ultimate spider-man: web warriors: avenging spider-man: part one & part two (#53/54)
[one-hour 3rd season premiere]
10:00 AM NICKTOONS lbx: little battlers experience: the hunt begins (#102)
10:30 AM NICKTOONS yu-gi-oh! zexal: counter offensive: part ii (#237)
11:00 AM MTV2 off the bat from the mlb fan cave: chris johnson (#122)
12:00 PM BRAVO real housewives of melbourne, the: episode 6 (#106)
  TRAVEL underground bbq challenge: miami: little havana vs. wynwood (#107)
6:30 PM CARTOON looney tunes show, the: superrabbit (#52)
[series finale]
7:00 PM OVATION capture with mark seliger: lauren bush & albert watson (#0102AA)
  THE HUB family game night: episode 14
8:00 PM HGTV beachfront bargain hunt: a second home with room to grow on puerto rico's island of vieques. (HBFBH-402H)
  CBS big brother: episode 1630 (#1630)
  PBS pbs special: secrets of her majesty's secret service
  FOOD rachael vs. guy: celebrity cook-off: thinking outside the bun (#GQ0203H)
  CMT steve austin's broken skull challenge: last man standing (#109)
  BET sunday best: episode 710 (#710)
  ESPN sunday night baseball: san francisco giants at detroit tigers (#2523)
  ABC wipeout: my so-bald life (#706)
8:30 PM HGTV beachfront bargain hunt: a single mother and her two daughters search for a beachfront property in biloxi. (HBFBH-406H)
[4th season finale]
9:00 PM ABC abc special: 2014 mda show of strength telethon
[two-hour special presentation]
  PBS breathless: part 2 (#4429)
  ID disappeared: lauryn is lost
[one-hour special presentation]
  BRAVO don't be tardy‚Ķ: campfire confessions (#309)
[new episode - special night]
  TNT falling skies: space oddity/shoot the moon (#411/412)
[two-hour 4th season finale - special time]
  HGTV flipping the block: it takes a block (HBLCK-107ZH)
  FOOD great food truck race, the: dinner dates, austin style (#XT0503H)
  CNN hunt with john walsh, the: justice denied (#108)
[1st season finale]
  E! keeping up with the kardashians: rocking the cradle (#919-90)
[new 90-minute episode]
  TLC long island medium: ugly truckling (#607)
  SHOWTIME ray donovan: sunny (#208)
  OXYGEN snapped: michele williams
  WEATHER so you think you'd survive?: snake bites and quicksand (#104)
  BET sunday best: episode 711 (#711)
[7th season finale - special time]
  CBS unforgettable: fire and ice (#44/09)
10:00 PM CNBC cnbc special: jay leno's garage: the ultimate car week
[one-hour special presentation]
  FOOD cutthroat kitchen: when in rome, cook on a scooter (#KT0410H)
  WEATHER fat guys in the woods: eat bees to survive (#104)
  FYI fyi special: make my food famous
  BRAVO game of crowns: bound by the crown (#109)
[1st season finale]
  DIY garage gold: toying around (DGLD-202H)
  ANIMAL PLANET ice lake rebels: ice lake games (#106)
  WGN manhattan: acceptable limits (#106)
  SHOWTIME masters of sex: a better shape (#208)
  DISCOVERY naked & afraid: snaketacular
[one-hour special presentation]
  ID on the case with paula zahn: a murder in pelham (#1005)
  PIVOT operatives, the: jungle gold robbers part 1 (#103)
  CBS reckless: fifty-one percent (#110)
  FX strain, the: creatures of the night (#108)
  HGTV vacation house for free: tahoe city lake house (HVHFR-104PH)
  NGC wicked tuna: north vs south: bluefin or bust (#103)
10:30 PM E! #richkids of beverly hills: #baldeagle (#205)
[new episode - special time]

  [august 2014]