[tuesday, february 27, 2018]    
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3:01 AM NETFLIX netflix stand-up special: derren brown: the push
[special presentation]
  NETFLIX netflix stand-up special: marlon wayans: woke-ish
[special presentation]
12:00 PM NICK top wing: top wing's eggcellent adventure/the great pearl-a-palooza caper (#112)
7:00 PM VICELAND pizza show, the: naples, the birth place of pizza (#302)
8:00 PM VH1 america's next top model: tba (#2408)
  The CW flash, the: subject 9 (#414)
  FREEFORM fosters, the: giving up the ghost (#5016)
  FOX lethal weapon: ruthless (LET-216)
  ABC middle, the: toasted (#915)
  CBS ncis: keep your enemies closer (#345)
  NBC voice, the: the blind auditions premiere, part 2 (#1402-60)
[time slot premiere]
  PBS we'll meet again: coming out (#106)
[1st season finale]
  USA wwe smackdown: 022718 (#967)
8:30 PM ABC fresh off the boat: let me go, bro (#417)
9:00 PM AXS TV big interview with dan rather, the: tba (#601)
[6th season premiere]
  TRAVEL bizarre foods america: tba
  The CW black lightning: three sevens: the book of thunder (#106)
  ABC black-ish: please, baby, please (#413)
  CBS bull: witness for the prosecution (#BUL215)
  HISTORY curse of oak island, the: tba (#515)
  OWN haves and the have nots, the: wicked (#508)
  A&E intervention: the heroin triangle: chapter #9 (#09)
[18th season finale]
  FOX la to vegas: #pilotfight (LAV-107)
  LIFETIME married at first sight: tba (#608)
  PBS pbs special: american creed (#AMCE)
  BRAVO real housewives of beverly hills, the: tba (#811)
  DISCOVERY street outlaws: vs. fast n' loud: build to mega race part 2
  NBC this is us: tba (#216)
  SCIENCE what on earth?: tba (#418)
  ID who killed jane doe?: daughter, sister, diamond, doe (#206)
[2nd season finale]
9:30 PM FOX mick, the: the juice (MIC-215)
10:00 PM FX baskets: thanksgiving (#306)
  WGN bellevue: the problem with the truth (#106)
  BRAVO bethenny & fredrik: tba (#105)
  FOOD chopped: epic eats (#3605)
  HISTORY curse of oak island, the: a family album
[one-hour special presentation]
  COMEDY drunk history: underdogs (#506)
  PBS frontline: bitter rivals: iran and saudi arabia (#3518)
  VICELAND hate thy neighbor: the white house preacher (#206)
  SCIENCE how the universe works: tba (#608)
  PARAMOUNT ink master: tba (#1008)
  ABC kevin (probably) saves the world: world's worst domino (#115)
  CBS ncis: new orleans: the last mile (#NO413)
  OWN own special: oprah's super soul conversations
[one-hour special presentation]
  CNBC profit, the: fighting for farrell's (#510)
[5th season finale]
  BET quad, the: tba (#205)
  DISCOVERY street outlaws: no prep kings: series premiere (#101)
[series premiere - special night & time]
  A&E undercover high: undercover in trouble (#108)
  USA unsolved: the murders of tupac and the notorious b.i.g.: tba (#101)
[series premiere]
10:01 PM NBC chicago med: down by law (#310)
10:30 PM COMEDY another period: shady acres (#306)
  TBS detour, the: the vows (#306)
  MTV winter break: hunter mountain: tba (#101)
[series premiere]
11:00 PM VICELAND desus & mero: tuesday, february 27, 2018 (#350)

  [february 2018]