[friday, may 11, 2018]    
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3:01 AM AMAZON adventures of rocky and bullwinkle, the: part 1 (#101-113)
[series premiere]
  HULU all night: complete first season (#101-110)
[series premiere]
  NETFLIX bill nye saves the world: complete third season (#301-306)
[3rd season premiere]
  NETFLIX busted! i know who you are: kwang-soo, a murderer/messages from the dead (#103/104)
  NETFLIX evil genius: the true story of america's most diabolical bank heist: complete first season (#101-104)
[series premiere]
  NETFLIX netflix feature film special: the kissing booth
[special presentation]
  NETFLIX spirit: riding free: complete fifth season (#501-507)
[5th season premiere]
  NETFLIX who was? show, the: complete first season (#101-113)
[series premiere]
6:15 AM CARTOON mighty magiswords: vambre's guilty pleasure (#210)
10:00 AM DISNEY muppet babies: animal cleans up / best pals pizza parlor palace
7:30 PM HBO vice: tba (#89/606)
8:00 PM DISCOVERY battlebots: it's robot fighting time! (#301)
[3rd season premiere]
  NBC blindspot: defection (#321)
  MTV catfish: the tv show: catfish keeps it 100: creepy catfish countdown
[one-hour special presentation]
  DISNEY ducktales: beware the b.u.d.d.y. system! (#114)
  The CW dynasty: dead scratch (#122)
[1st season finale]
  FOX fox special: meghan markle: an american princess (SP-1819)
[two-hour special presentation]
  A&E live pd: roll call - 05.11.18
  LMN mommy be mine
[original telefilm]
  NBCSN nhl special: east finals - game 1 - capitals @ lightning
  ABC once upon a time: homecoming (#721)
  CBS undercover boss: celebrity undercover boss: gabby douglas (#UB901)
[9th season premiere]
  PBS washington week: episode 5745 (#5745)
8:06 PM A&E live pd: rewind #109
8:30 PM PBS in principle: episode 105 (#105)
9:00 PM NAT GEO WILD alaska's grizzly gauntlet: arctic soldiers (#103)
  EPIX america divided: the monument (#202)
  HISTORY ancient aliens: the alien protocols (#1303)
  DISCOVERY bering sea gold: second wind (#1207)
[new time slot]
  NBC dateline nbc: fr2733 (#120)
  FOOD diners, drive-ins & dives: primetime pork (#SP70)
[one-hour special presentation]
  NGC drugs, inc: the fix: chicago fire
  UP expecting: aimee & tyson / piper & tyler (#110)
  CBS hawaii five-0: ka lala kaukonakona haki 'ole i ka pa a ka makani kona. (the tough branch that does not break in the kona gale.) (#HF825)
  ID last 24, the: monster at the gates (#101)
[series premiere]
  The CW life sentence: sleepless near seattle (#108)
  PBS live from lincoln center: andrew rannells in concert (#4304)
  A&E live pd: live pd - 05.11.18 (#255)
  WE marriage boot camp: a family affair (#1210)
[12th season finale]
  HGTV my lottery dream home: follow me to tennessee (#410)
  SHOWTIME showtime special: kevin smith: silent but deadly
[one-hour special presentation]
  ANIMAL PLANET tanked: gangster tank (#1407)
  DIY texas flip n move: casey and catrina's refined refuge (#806)
9:01 PM ABC marvel's agents of shield: the force of gravity (fka f = g (m1 x m2) / d2) (#521)
10:00 PM CBS blue bloods: my aim is true (#BB822)
[8th season finale]
  WE david tutera's celebrations: twitch and allison (#317)
  NGC drugs, inc: the fix: drug capital
  HGTV house hunters: tiny dreams in north carolina (#15904)
  ID last 24, the: blind terror (#102)
  NAT GEO WILD mighty northwest, the: under the volcano (#103)
  HBO real time with bill maher: duncan hunter; robert reich and michael render (aka killer mike); ethan hawke (#460/1615)
  CINEMAX rellik: episode #5 (#105)
  HISTORY tesla files, the: the colorado experiment (#102)
10:01 PM ABC 20/20: tba
10:30 PM HGTV house hunters international: santo domingo and son (#12208)
11:00 PM TBS eleague: challenger: street fighter v- old skool cool
  BBCA graham norton show, the: orlando bloom, tamsin greig, stephen merchant, and surie
  COMEDY taskmaster: magnets & magic (#105)
11:30 PM COMEDY taskmaster: engineering (#106)
  HBO wyatt cenac's problem areas: tba (#05/105)

  [may 2018]