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discovery+ and ID Highlights - Weeks of October 4, October 11 and October 18
Newcomers to the streamer include "The Prison Breaker" and "Finding Andrea."

[via press release from Investigation Discovery]


Weeks of October 4, October 11 and October 18 2021

**All Air Dates Subject to Change

discovery+, the newly launched global streaming service, brings together all of Discovery's brands and non-fiction content in one place to offer fans unlimited access to the largest collection of real-life entertainment in the world. Featuring a wide range of exclusive series across popular genres, discovery+ offers passion verticals for genre fans, from Animals to Paranormal, Food and Home. In the True Crime category alone, discovery+ contains an unprecedented 5,500 hours of the best mystery and suspense, boasting the largest library of true crime of any streaming service.



All Four Episodes Begin Streaming Tuesday, October 5

For the first time in his own words, the true story of Richard Lee McNair, a small-town Airman who rises to infamy as America's most cunning and elusive fugitive. With access to never-before-seen letters and exclusive interviews, Richard McNair's friends and family, law enforcement, and journalists, explore the psyche of an escape artist who can't stop running - even from himself.

· The Penpal Begins Streaming Tuesday, October 5

In his own words, the true story of fugitive Richard McNair. Richard McNair's friends and family, the law enforcement officers whom he betrayed, and the journalists pursuing the truth, recall the dramatic 1988 arrest and flight of a young escape artist.

· The Prisoner Begins Streaming Tuesday, October 5

In his own words, the true story of fugitive Richard McNair. Richard McNair's friends and family, the law enforcement officers whom he betrayed, and the journalists pursuing the truth, recall McNair's 1992 jailbreak and his astonishing time on the run.

· The Fugitive Begins Streaming Tuesday, October 5

In his own words, the true story of fugitive Richard McNair. Richard McNair's friends and family, the law enforcement officers whom he betrayed, and the journalists pursuing the truth, recall the 2006 escape that vaulted McNair to international infamy.

· The Escapist Begins Streaming Tuesday, October 5

In his own words, the true story of fugitive Richard McNair. Richard McNair's friends and family, the law enforcement officers whom he betrayed, and the journalists pursuing the truth, recall McNair's dramatic capture and the monstrous event that started it all.


Special Begins Streaming Tuesday, October 12

When Amanda Berry doesn't make it home on the eve of her 17th birthday on April 21st, 2003, her mother knows something has to be wrong. Nearly one year later, 14-year-old Gina DeJesus goes missing only blocks away from where Amanda disappeared. As their families and the community search all over Cleveland, Ohio for a trace of both girls, they have no way of knowing that Amanda and Gina - plus a third victim named Michelle Knight - are suffering inside a house of horrors with no escape. Hear Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus recount their story, in their own words.


Two New Episodes Begin Streaming Friday, October 15, with Episodes Dropping Weekly on Fridays

When single mother Andrea Knabel goes missing, the search for concrete facts surrounding her disappearance brings up even more questions from her family and close friends. As a fresh set of eyes takes over the case, shocking information about her life in the months before she vanished is brought to light, leading her loved ones to rethink everything. She was a woman who helped those in need, devoting her free time to finding missing people with an eclectic and loyal group of friends, but perhaps she was the one who needed saving all along.

· Local Mom Begins Streaming Friday, October 15

After single mom Andrea Knabel vanishes, her loved ones rally together to find answers. Soon, rumors and a social media frenzy overshadow the search until a prior video clip of Andrea reveals a small but significant clue that sparks even more questions.

· Undercover Begins Streaming Friday, October 15

The search for Andrea takes a dark turn when the volunteer group Missing in America begins to suspect one of their own. A fresh set of eyes joins the case and discovers a mysterious inconsistency in the timeline of the night Andrea went missing.

· Chameleon Begins Streaming Friday, October 22

Andrea's family faces difficult possibilities regarding her disappearance. New details suggest Andrea had some serious personal struggles in the weeks before she vanished, leading many to wonder if this new layer could hold the key to finding her.


New Episodes Streaming on discovery+ on Wednesdays

Now more than ever, ordinary people are choosing unconventional paths to justice. With police departments in turmoil and the role of law enforcement in question, citizens are hiring private investigators to find the answers they need. Missing persons, infidelities, cold cases and fraud fill their notebooks. SECRETS, LIES AND PRIVATE EYES follows four teams of PIs as they tackle these cases. Their role is exacting and yet deeply fulfilling. Their clients are desperate, troubled, and sometimes wacky, but their purpose is clear - to find the truth whatever it takes. Cops are no longer the only way to separate right from wrong. The PI is back.

· The Informant and the Train Begins Streaming Wednesday, October 6

With multiple sources naming their suspect, Alex and Jon discover evidence that may have been missed. They hope DNA will reveal the identity of their killer. Elsewhere, Sheila investigates a car hit by a train for proof of a possible murder plot.


New Episodes Streaming on discovery+ on Tuesdays

Within Alaska's wild and harsh landscape lurk some of the most dangerous criminals in America. The 10-episode true crime series COLD BLOODED ALASKA uncovers Alaska's most disturbing crimes and unpacks the extraordinary lengths law enforcement working in the Last Frontier must take to bring killers to justice.

· Break Out Hit Streaming on Tuesday, October 5

Nestled between mountains and ocean, the small picturesque town of Seward finds itself under siege when two convicted killers escape from Spring Creek, Alaska's only high-security prison. Authorities race to track them down before they kill again.

· Snow Angel Streaming on Tuesday, October 12

As one family grieves their lost daughter, grief turns to anger as more Alaska Native women are murdered. Increasingly concerned that a serial murderer is targeting women of color, police must ensure the killer or killers don't escape justice.

· The Hunter Streaming on Tuesday, October 19

In the summer of 2016 a serial killer hunts the night time streets of Anchorage. This meticulous killer doesn't leave a trace and will not hesitate to execute witnesses. As the bodies start to mount up, it will take the combined efforts of Anchorage PD and the FBI to bring this murderer to justice. But they better move quickly because this murderer kills every thirty days and the clock is ticking...



New Episodes Stream on discovery+ and Premiere on ID Wednesdays at 10/9c

ID and victims' rights advocate John Walsh are teaming once again to hunt down persons of interest and find missing children with IN PURSUIT WITH JOHN WALSH. John Walsh and his son, Callahan Walsh, introduce ID's active and engaged audience to unsolved violent crimes that urgently need to be closed. IN PURSUIT relies on leads from viewers who may have seen something that would help authorities, with all calls and online tips vetted by experts and followed up on by the appropriate authorities, including local law enforcement, FBI, and the U.S. Marshals. In partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), the series also features two missing children each hour, providing age-progression photos when possible and descriptions in the hopes that viewers can provide new leads to their whereabouts.

· Bad Blood Streams on Wednesday, October 6; Premieres on ID at 10/9c

When a couple is murdered, police suspect vengeful relative Kevin Anderson, and John aids the hunt for this fugitive of justice. Later, Cal helps police track down Martin Munoz, accused of heinous sexual assaults against his own daughters.

· Stolen Futures Streams on Wednesday, October 13; Premieres on ID at 10/9c

John joins the hunt for Adarus Black, who allegedly killed a young woman in broad daylight. Later, Cal's in San Diego to help track down Michael Pratt, whose pornography ring allegedly ensnared over 100 women using fraud, coercion, and possibly force.

· Abuses of Power Streams on Wednesday, October 20; Premieres on ID at 10/9c

John is in pursuit of fugitive Jason Hines, accused of sexually abusing multiple minors, and possibly involved in his wife's disappearance. Later, a slew of women allege they were sexually assaulted by chiropractor Steven Clifford, on the run since2002.


New Episodes Stream on discovery+ and Premiere on ID Sundays at 9/8c

EVIL LIVES HERE explores the true, heart-stopping stories of people who shared a home and a life with a loved one who would become a killer. With exclusive interviews and never-before-told accounts of the years and critical moments leading up to these vicious acts, the series showcases the devastating and often undiscussed consequences on the people who have nurtured, loved, and raised a murderer.

· We All Die Tonight Begins Streaming on Sunday, October 10; Premieres on ID at 9/8c

Christina Gaines goes on a date with Patrick Fowler, a supposed "perfect gentleman." She soon discovers Patrick's true nature and realizes she's been duped. Now that Christina is in his grasp, she must find a way to avoid becoming his next victim.

· He Fed Them to Gators Streaming on Sunday, October 17; Premieres on ID at 9/8c

Craig Lester Thrift brags about getting away with murder, but everyone thinks he is kidding. Robyn Barry knows Thrift better than anyone, and she begins to suspect he isn't joking. Someone needs to believe her before Thrift makes her his next victim.


New Episodes Stream on discovery+ and Premiere on ID Sundays at 10/9c

ON THE CASE WITH PAULA ZAHN takes viewers on a thrilling journey inside the most fascinating crime and mystery investigations. First person accounts, along with insight from experts, are featured as each case reaches its dramatic conclusion.

· Web of Torment Begins Streaming on Sunday, October 10; Premieres on ID Sunday, October 17 at 10/9c

The abduction of a young mother from a crowded hospital parking lot is the beginning of a terrifying mystery that will torment her loved ones for decades.

· Unthinkable Harm Begins Streaming on Sunday, October 17; Premieres on ID Sunday, October 24 at 10/9c

When a teenager is found savagely stabbed to death in her home, police hope a trail of blood found at the crime scene will lead them to her killer.

· Gone in a Blink Begins Streaming on Sunday, October 24; Premieres on ID Sunday, October 31 at 10/9c

A teenager waiting for her friends to give her a ride home from work suddenly disappears. When her friends arrive, they find terrifying evidence of her abduction.


Two New Episodes Stream Sunday October 24 on discovery+ with Episodes Dropping Weekly Sundays on discovery+ & Premiering Sundays at 9/8c on ID

If you looked into the eyes of a killer, would you know? In AMERICAN MONSTER, viewers find out. On any street, behind any smile, lurks an American Monster. Never-before-seen-video footage looks straight into the eyes of a killer, hidden in plain sight. Mom next door; dad across the street; the kid who never broke the rules. Anyone can be a MONSTER.

· He Was Her Everything & Unlucky in Love Begins Streaming on Sunday, October 24; Unlucky in Love Premieres on ID Sunday, October 24 at 9/8c

· With Honors Begins Streaming on Sunday, October 24; He Was Her Everything Premieres on ID Sunday, October 24 at 9/8c


The programs below will premiere on Investigation Discovery as follows:


New Episodes Premiere Thursdays at 9/8c

The key to solving the toughest homicides lies somewhere in the final hours of a victim's life. In A TIME TO KILL, determined investigators must piece together events during this critical window to reconstruct the timeline, unlock the motive, and ultimately close in on the killer.

· Secrets of a Soccer Mom Premieres Thursday, October 7 at 9/8c

Divorced soccer mom Paige Birgfeld's disappearance catapults her ex-husbands to the top of the suspect list - but when one of them provides a tantalizing clue about Paige's risky secret life, the number of potential culprits explodes.

· The Business of Murder Premieres Thursday, October 14 at 9/8c

A St. Charles, Missouri, businessman dies violently at work, and police suspect it was a business deal gone bad. Then they discover several insurance policies plus a secret double life, and their investigation veers into a whole different lane.

· Dark Side of the Coin Premieres Thursday, October 21 at 9/8c

Gary and Jan Tyrrell are avid collectors of gold and silver coins and artifacts. Then they turn up dead, and investigators must find out exactly who knew about their expensive hobby - and who would be willing to kill for it.


New Episodes Premiere Tuesdays at 10/9c

Psychopaths live among us. They can be friends, family members, coworkers, or even lovers. Trying as they may to impersonate normal humans, there are always signs that reveal their true nature: calculating, narcissistic -- and sometimes, murderous.

· You Met the Angel of Death Premieres Tuesday, October 5 at 10/9c

When a graduate student suddenly goes missing, the family he's staying with immediately contacts the police. Then, just days later, a horrific discovery forces investigators to face a rare kind of monster.

· I'm Just a Sick Monster Premieres Tuesday, October 12 at 10/9c

An officer responds to a 911 call placed by a robber on the lam who feels compelled to turn himself in. However, when the officer arrives at the scene, the criminal confesses to much more than breaking and entering.

· She Isn't Acting Dead Enough Premieres Tuesday, October 19 at 10/9c

A man crashes into the back of a woman's vehicle early one morning. Officers respond to the scene only to find her car abandoned. Witnesses point to the other driver, and detectives are horrified to discover a sadistic psychopath who admits to murder.


New Episodes Premiere Mondays at 9/8c

The DETECTIVE DIARIES takes us inside the investigative minds of five American detectives as they reexamine the harrowing cases that defined their careers. From hunting killers who hid in the shadows for decades, to taking on a political machine with more than blood on its hands, to reliving the same murder through three different victims in a row, every crime turns the story back on each detective, triggering memories of painstaking investigations, forcing them to come to terms with old wounds, and revealing what drives them to stand strong in the fight for justice.

· Guilty Until Proven Innocent Premieres Monday, 10/4 at 9/8c

Testing his faith and his character, civil trial lawyer John Raley takes on the first criminal case of his career to free an innocent man from prison. This seven-year endeavor puts him face to face with a corrupt district attorney's office, helps him catch the killer of two long forgotten cold cases that haunted the Austin area, and in the end, exonerated Michael Morton of his wife's murder after spending 24 years behind bars.

· The Phantom of La Palma Premieres Monday, 10/11 at 9/8c

In La Palma, California, veteran cop Jim Engen and rookie detective Paul Bracciodieta set out to solve the 1974 cold case murder of Annie Ross. This crime has plagued police for decades, but Jim and Paul's bond leads to a promising break in the case.

· The Witching Hour Premieres Monday, 10/18 at 9/8c

With retirement looming ever closer, Arlington P.D. Detective Byron Stewart races to save his legacy on the force by solving his final case, the unexplained double homicide of an elderly Vietnamese couple left for dead in their apartment.


New Episodes Premiere Wednesdays at 9/8c

Just because a case is closed doesn't mean the truth has been revealed. Suicide or murder? Runaway or kidnapping? Accidental or premeditated? Each episode of STILL A MYSTERY re-examines a single crime case where unanswered questions still remain. Through original interviews with law enforcement, family members and private investigators, news footage and social media, STILL A MYSTERY dissects the evidence and presents new theories in a quest to uncover the truth.

· Southern Secrets Premieres Wednesday, October 13 at 9/8c

When two women die suddenly under mysterious circumstances, authorities initially suspect suicide. But both of their families believe it was murder, and are trying to figure out who is responsible.

· She Turns Up Dead Premieres Wednesday, October 20 at 9/8c

A mother of two and a young woman planning a career in science both die under mysterious circumstances, and two families embark on quests for justice.

The programs below previously aired on discovery+ and will premiere on Investigation Discovery as follows:


New Episodes Premiere Wednesdays at 11/10c

Everyone is hiding something. It may be a harmless secret, or it might be something far more serious: a terrible betrayal of trust or a shocking indiscretion. Some of these come out over time, while others stay hidden forever. But sometimes, an event is so horrific, so cataclysmic, that everyone's truths are laid bare. WHERE MURDER LIES gradually exposes murder investigations one truth after another, revealing the sinister underbelly beneath seemingly placid communities.

· A Legacy In Question Premieres Wednesday, October 6 at 11/10c

The 7-11 ranch in Colorado has been in the Rudibaugh family for decades. But when Jake - the next in line to inherit the ranch - goes missing in 2015, a three-year investigation uncovers family lies, greed, and deceit.


New Episodes Premiere Thursdays at 10/9c

Candice DeLong investigates the unbelievable personality traits that have triggered homicides that are all too real, going inside the hunt for a killer as detectives race to build a psychological profile of the perp amid a growing chorus of suspects.

· The Obsessive Premieres Thursday, October 7 at 10/9c

Most people like attention, but the obsessive kind can be suffocating. Too much devotion from the wrong person can lead to jealousy, controlling behavior, and even violence. Candice reveals how to avoid the danger zone between love and obsession.

· The Survivor Premieres Thursday, October 14 at 10/9c

People like to think that in life-or-death situations, they'd find the power to save themselves. But a few are certain they have a basic instinct to survive, even if it means sacrificing loved ones. Candice says specific behaviors give away The Survivor.

· The Deluded Premieres Thursday, October 21 at 10/9c

Those who suffer from a delusional disorder rarely seek help because the delusion is their reality. Anyone who stands in the way could be in danger. Candice examines cases where fallacies ended in disaster and reveals how to recognize deluded people.


  [september 2021]  


[10/27/21 - 01:00 PM]
"South Park: Post COVID" Is Coming Exclusively to Paramount+ Thursday, Nov. 25
The second exclusive event will stream in December, the date to be announced.

[10/27/21 - 11:19 AM]
Tisha Campbell & Tichina Arnold Return to Co-Host 2021 "Soul Train Awards" Presented by BET Premiering Sunday, November 28 at 8 PM ET/PT on BET and BET Her
Celebrating the best in soul music and the iconic television show's 50th anniversary, the "Soul Train Awards" recognizes the best in Soul, R&B, and Hip Hop from both established industry legends and the next generation of promising artists.

[10/27/21 - 10:42 AM]
Showtime Kicks Off Its Multi-Year "Hip Hop 50" Initiative with Three New Documentaries in December
Directed by Emmy and Grammy Award-winning music legend and Mass Appeal partner Nasir "Nas" Jones, "Video Music Box" (w/t) will premiere Friday, December 3 at 8:00/7:00c.

[10/27/21 - 10:29 AM]
HBO Documentary Series "Black and Missing," Spotlighting the Black and Missing Foundation's Commitment to Locating Missing Persons of Color, Debuts November 23
The series, which was three years in the making, takes on new urgency given the renewed national conversation on "missing white woman syndrome".

[10/27/21 - 10:00 AM]
Video: Paramount+ Reveals Official Trailer for "The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles," Premiering Wednesday, Nov. 24
The multi-episode docuseries will reunite original Los Angeles cast members Beth Anthony, Beth Stolarczyk, David Edwards, Glen Naessens, Irene Berrera-Kearns, Jon Brennan and Tami Roman in the same iconic Venice beach house from 1993.

[10/27/21 - 09:01 AM]
Video: "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" - Part 2 - Official Trailer - Netflix
As Eternia's destiny hangs in the balance and the ultimate battle draws near, new heroes and villains emerge and a surprising alliance is formed.

[10/27/21 - 09:00 AM]
Video: Prime Video Debuts Official Trailer for "The Wheel of Time" with First-of-Its-Kind YouTube Experience
The first three episodes of Season One will premiere Friday, November 19, with new episodes available each Friday following, leading up to the season finale on December 24.

[10/27/21 - 08:00 AM]
WWE and FOX Entertainment and Bento Box Entertainment's Blockchain Creative Labs to Launch NFT Marketplace for Digital WWE Collectibles
The partnership marks Blockchain Creative Labs' first-ever content alliance with an external property beyond FOX.

[10/27/21 - 07:21 AM]
Voting for the 2021 "People's Choice Awards" Opens Today Honoring Fan Favorites Across 40 Categories in Movies, Television, Music, and Pop Culture
As previously announced, the 2021 "People's Choice Awards" will air simultaneously on both NBC and E! for the first time on Tuesday, December 7 at 9:00/8:00c from the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, CA.

[10/27/21 - 07:01 AM]
Video: "Tiger King 2" - Official Trailer - Netflix
We thought the mayhem was over. But we've only scratched the surface. "Tiger King 2" premieres November 17.

[10/27/21 - 06:56 AM]
discovery+ Announces November Programming Slate
Among the featured highlights: "90 Day: The Single Life," "Kendra Sells Hollywood," "Foodgod," and "Undercover Underage."

[10/27/21 - 06:31 AM]
Video: "True Story" - Official Trailer - Netflix
A world-famous comedian desperately searches for a way out after a night in Philadelphia with his brother threatens to sabotage more than his success.

[10/27/21 - 05:31 AM]
Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood, Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert, Old Dominion, Chris Stapleton, and Chris Young and Kane Brown to Perform at "The 55th Annual CMA Awards"
Two-time CMA Awards winner Aldean takes the stage with CMA Entertainer of the Year nominee this year and seven-time CMA Awards winner Underwood for the world premiere television performance of their chart-topping hit collaboration "If I Didn't Love You."

[10/27/21 - 03:01 AM]
Video: "The Fastest" - Official Trailer - Netflix
In this unpredictable and thrilling racing competition, drivers from the Middle East with something to prove battle on the track for a cash prize.

[10/26/21 - 05:01 PM]
Video: "Hellbound" - Official Trailer - Netflix
Unearthly beings deliver bloody condemnations, sending individuals to hell and giving rise to a religious group founded on the idea of divine justice.