[monday, february 09, 2009]    
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8:00 PM ABC abc news special: presidential news conference
[one-hour special presentation]
  CBS cbs news special: coverage of the presidential press conference
[special presentation]
  DISCOVERY destroyed in seconds: episode 22 (#122)
  FOX fox news special: presidential press conference (SP-0937)
  NBC nbc news special: presidential news conference
[one-hour special presentation]
  TRUTV ocean force: episode 603 (#603)
  LIFETIME rita rocks: killer queen (#118)
[new time slot]
  ABC FAMILY secret life of the american teenager, the: unforgiven (#117)
  BBCA top gear: sir michael parkinson (#1201)
[12th season premiere]
  USA usa sports special: 133rd westminster kennel club dog show: opening night
[one-hour special presentation]
8:30 PM DISCOVERY destroyed in seconds: episode 17 (#117)
  TRUTV ocean force: episode 605 (#605)
9:00 PM FOX 24: day 7: 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. (TWF-708)
  ABC bachelor, the: episode 1306 (#1306-120)
[new episode - special time]
  BET bet special: the bet honors
[two-hour special presentation]
  HISTORY cities of the underworld: alcatraz down under (#313)
[3rd season finale]
  TNT closer, the: power of attorney (#413)
  PLANET GREEN emeril green: international appeal (#204)
  MTV girls of hedsor hall, the: assessment and appearance (#101-30)
[series premiere]
  NBC heroes: trust and blood (#315)
  VH1 i love money: stripper moves (#202-60)
  BIO i survived…: kelly/rose/lt. prescott & gwen (#19/209)
  A&E intervention: angelina (#080/608)
  TLC jon & kate plus 8: walk in the woods (#433-30)
  ABC FAMILY kyle xy: life support (#305)
  DISCOVERY one way out: human catapult (#105)
  CBS two and a half men: i'd like to start with the cat (#615)
  USA wwe raw: 020909
9:30 PM CBS big bang theory, the: the maternal capacitance (#215)
[new episode - special time]
  PLANET GREEN emeril green: good, fast & healthy (#205)
  FOOD will work for food: bbq pitmaster and competitive eater (#104)
[new time slot]
10:00 PM ANIMAL PLANET animal cops: philadelphia: rescued just in time (#PA0904)
  TRAVEL anthony bourdain: no reservations: food porn (#506-60)
  MTV city, the: mingling with the commoners (#108-30)
  CBS csi: miami: presumed guilty (#715)
  VH1 for the love of ray j: video thrilled the radio star (#102-60)
[time slot premiere]
  DISCOVERY man vs. wild: turkey (#310)
  NBC medium: things to do in phoenix when you're dead (#502)
  A&E paranormal state: the anniversary (#39/306)
  LOGO rupaul's drag race: girl group challenge (#102)
  TNT trust me: but wait, there's more (#103)
10:30 PM MTV daddy's girls: keepin' it real estate (#106-30)
[1st season finale]
11:00 PM HGTV desperate to buy

  [february 2009]