[wednesday, february 11, 2009]    
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8:00 PM FOX american idol: hollywood round, part 4 - top 36 semifinalists announced (ID-813/814)
[new two-hour episode]
  DISCOVERY detonators, the: bermuda (#103)
  NBC knight rider: fly by knight (KR-116)
  CBS new adventures of old christine, the: reckless abandonment (#415)
8:30 PM CBS gary unmarried: gary and dennis' sister (#114)
9:00 PM G4 chaser's war on everything, the: cheap child care, british comedy, boy band (#9005)
  CBS criminal minds: cold comfort (#414)
  SCI FI ghost hunters international: unknown soldiers (#120)
  SHOWTIME inside the nfl: 23 08-09 (#3023)
[30th season finale]
  NBC life: mirror ball (#214)
  ABC lost: this place is death (#505)
  HISTORY monsterquest: cattle killers (#302)
  SUNDANCE spectacle: elvis costello with…: she & him, jenny lewis, jakob dylan (#111)
9:30 PM G4 chaser's war on everything, the: back street boy's, broke back mountain for jesus, cool to be black in america (#9006)
  HGTV income property: low-cost solutions for sprucing up a rental unit (HINPR-107)
10:00 PM STYLE clean house: horn family (#718)
  VERSUS contender, the: episode 10 (#410)
  CBS csi: ny: she's not there (#514)
  FX damages: a pretty girl in a leotard (#206)
  DISCOVERY discovery special: i was bitten: episode 3
[one-hour special presentation]
  A&E dog the bounty hunter: island hopper (#124/506)
  NBC law & order: crimebusters (#19013)
  TRAVEL man v. food: seattle (#112-30)
  MTV real world, the: battle of the sexes (#2106-60)
  BRAVO top chef: the last supper (#512)
  TBS tyler perry's house of payne: payneful news (#107/507)
[returns from hiatus]
  HISTORY ufo hunters: aliens at the airport (#211)
  DIRECTV wonderland: the raw and the cooked (#105)
10:02 PM ABC life on mars: let all the children boogie (#1ANY12)
10:30 PM A&E billy the exterminator: snake in the closet (#01/101)
  COMEDY important things with demetri martin: timing (#104)
[series premiere]
  HGTV renovation realities: adding a hallway in just seven days (DRVD-101F)
[time slot premiere]
  TBS tyler perry's house of payne: payneful loss (#108/508)

  [february 2009]