[friday, february 13, 2009]    
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7:00 PM CARTOON cartoon network special: pokemon movie 11: giratina and the sky warrior
[two-hour special presentation]
8:00 PM AMC amc special: amc storymakers
[one-hour special presentation]
  ID call 911: desperate measures (#113)
  CBS ghost whisperer: greek tragedy (#415)
  NBC howie do it: episode 110 (#110-30)
  FOX terminator: the sarah connor chronicles: the good wound (SCC-214)
[2nd season winter premiere - new time slot]
  ABC wife swap: bonett/linkins (#513)
  MNT wwe smackdown: episode 495 (U12120)
8:30 PM ID call 911: fight against nature (#114)
9:00 PM The CW 13: fear is real: alone (#107)
  DISCOVERY adrenaline rush hour: episode 3 (#103)
  CBS flashpoint: between heartbeats (#F113)
  NBC friday night lights: every rose has its thorn (network premiere) (#305)
  ANIMAL PLANET jockeys: at what cost? / broken (#103/104)
  USA monk: mr. monk and the magician (#715)
  CARTOON star wars: the clone wars: blue shadow virus (#117)
  ABC supernanny: davis family (#513)
  TLC what not to wear: a new look for love (#641)
9:01 PM FOX dollhouse: ghost (DOL-102)
[series premiere]
9:30 PM CARTOON star wars: the clone wars: mystery of a thousand moons (#118)
[new episode - special time]
10:00 PM SCI FI battlestar galactica: no exit (#417)
  COMEDY comedy central presents: pete lee (#1301)
  NBC dateline nbc: fr1821
  TRAVEL most haunted: hall i'th wood (#1102-60)
  CBS numb3rs: guilt trip (#515)
  BET played by fame (#103)
  USA psych: tuesday the 17th (#315)
10:30 PM COMEDY comedy central presents: rebecca corry (#1302)
  BET played by fame (#104)
  HGTV unsellables, the: decor on a deadline (HUSEL-107)

  [february 2009]