[tuesday, november 03, 2020]    
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3:01 AM NETFLIX netflix feature film special: mother (EID - Japanese)
[special presentation]
  NETFLIX netflix special: ya no estoy aquí: una conversación entre guillermo del toro y alfonso cuarón (English)
[special presentation]
  NETFLIX netflix stand-up special: felix lobrecht: hype (German)
[special presentation]
  MOTORTREND.COM roadkill garage: 62. return of the crop duster! (#512)
  CBSAA tooning out the news: 11/3/20 super panel election coverage (dana milbank) (#193)
6:30 AM OVATION celebrity antiques road trip: episode 806 (0806CA)
8:00 AM CARTOON thundercats roar: corporate buyout (#V131)
8:15 AM CARTOON thundercats roar: hachiman (#V132)
7:00 PM ABC abc news special: your voice/your vote: election night 2020
[special presentation]
  CARTOON cartoon network special: lego dc shazam: magic and monsters
[special presentation]
  NBC nbc news special: decision 2020 election night: 1st hour
[special presentation]
7:30 PM BYUtv relative race: after the finish line: pardon and engberg (#106)
8:00 PM CBS cbs news special: cbs news 2020: election night america decides
[special presentation]
  FOX fox news special: fox democracy 2020: election night (SP-2106)
[two-hour special presentation]
  AXS TV impact wrestling: 110320 (#2045)
  NBC nbc news special: decision 2020 election night: prime east
[special presentation]
  PBS pbs special: pbs newshour election night coverage (#MLNH)
9:00 PM HGTV fixer to fabulous: she said "yes!" (#204)
  SHOWTIME inside the nfl: 2020 week 8 (#4209)
  NGC primal survivor: jungle ambush
10:00 PM HGTV house hunters: town or country in cincinnati (#18910)
  AXS TV impact in 60: gail kim vs. awesome kong (#123)
  NGC primal survivor: wild animal adventures
  VICE vice news tonight: the breakdown 2020 (#4122-120)
[two-hour special presentation]
  TLC welcome to plathville: our piece of heaven
10:30 PM HGTV house hunters international: adjusting to amsterdam (#15705)
11:00 PM TBS conan: conan repeat election night special (#1433)
  COMEDY daily show with trevor noah, the: november 3, 2020 - live coverage of election night (#3494)
  MTV ridiculousness: chanel and sterling ccxxix (#1831)
  SHOWTIME showtime special: stephen colbert's election night 2020: democracy's last stand: building back america great again better 2020
[one-hour special presentation]
11:30 PM E! nightly pop: 110320
11:34 PM NBC nbc news special: decision 2020 election night: prime west
[special presentation]

  [november 2020]