[saturday, november 14, 2020]    
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12:00 AM EPIX unprotected sets: rita brent (jackson, ms) & dave waite (cincinnati) (#205)
3:01 AM MOTORTREND.COM nascar 2020: under pressure: 3. now or never (#103)
  NETFLIX start-up: risk (#109)
8:00 AM NICK power rangers: beast morphers : the silva switch (#1016)
8:30 AM DISNEY JUNIOR pikwik pack: suki’s hero/shake it up (#103)
9:00 AM CARTOON teen titans go!: toddler titans...yay! (#V632)
9:15 AM CARTOON teen titans go!: huggbees (#V633)
9:30 AM CARTOON total dramarama: cartoon realism (#V231)
9:45 AM CARTOON total dramarama: oww (#V232)
10:00 AM FOOD pioneer woman, the: home sweet home: thanksgiving 101 (#SP53)
11:00 AM FOOD kitchen, the: no-rules-giving (#2607)
11:30 AM NICK it's pony: annie-versary/teacher's pet (#115)
  DFC my little pony: pony life: how applejack got her hat back (pt 1 - pt 2) (#103)
11:45 AM DFC my little pony: pony life: cute-pocalypse meow (pt 1 - pt 2) (#104)
12:00 PM NICK alvinnn!!! and the chipmunks: sick as a chipmunk/instant gram (#423)
  FOX cfb on fox: tcu at west virginia (Week 11)
  FS1 cfb on fox: penn state at nebraska (Week 11)
  FOOD delicious miss brown: all about the sides (#305)
  OWN lovely bites: brunch with my bestie (#101)
[series premiere]
12:30 PM FOOD food network special: turkey day sunny's way (#101)
  OWN tregaye's way: brunch with the boys (#101)
[series premiere]
1:00 PM OWN food fantasies: if calories don't count (#101)
[series premiere]
1:30 PM OWN tanya's kitchen table: tanya's most comforting food (#101)
[series premiere]
2:30 PM FS2 cfb on fox: fresno state at utah state (Week 11)
3:30 PM FOX cfb on fox: usc at arizona (Week 11)
4:00 PM FS1 cfb on fox: baylor at texas tech (Week 11)
6:00 PM OXYGEN killer siblings: fryers (#202)
6:30 PM FS2 cfb on fox: nevada at new mexico (Week 11)
7:00 PM FOX cfb on fox: oregon at washington state (FSP-2131)
7:30 PM ABC saturday night college football: wisconsin at michigan (#1510)
8:00 PM HALLMARK christmas in vienna: countdown to christmas
[original telefilm]
  LIFETIME christmas on wheels
[original telefilm]
  NICK danger force: mika in the middle (#108)
  BBCA earth's great seasons: summer (#102)
  NAT GEO WILD secrets of the zoo: broken bones and beaks
  HGTV should i stay or go?: too small to start a family (#1R1R05)
  LMN young, stalked and pregnant
[original telefilm]
8:30 PM NICK side hustle: vitamin d-isaster (#102)
9:00 PM ANIMAL PLANET dr jeff: rocky mountain vet: frenchie with a bump (#708)
  NGC drugs, inc: the fix - party pills
  TRAVEL ghost nation: antique shop of horrors (#209)
  HISTORY history's greatest mysteries: the final hunt for d.b. cooper (#101)
[series premiere]
  OWN iyanla: fix my life: the masks we wear (#703)
  NAT GEO WILD secrets of the zoo: polar delivery
  HGTV should i stay or go?: a 100-year-old decision (#1R1R06)
  NICK substitute, the: chris paul (#203)
10:00 PM CBS 48 hours: christy martin - the fight of her life (#3312)
  AMC amc visionaries: eli roth's history of horror: nine nightmares (#206)
[2nd season finale]
  OWN behind every man: tammy franklin (#101)
  TRAVEL destination fear: joliet prison (#210)
  HMC meet me at christmas: miracles of christmas
[original telefilm]
  ANIMAL PLANET mega zoo: surgery in the savannah (#107)
  NAT GEO WILD secrets of the zoo: north carolina: hiss and hers (#103)
10:30 PM FS2 cfb on fox: unlv at san josé state (Week 11)
11:00 PM PBS austin city limits: jackie venson/mavis staples with special guest bonnie raitt (#4606)
  FS1 cfb on fox: oregon state at washington (Week 11)

  [november 2020]