[saturday, november 21, 2020]    
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12:00 AM TBS eleague: eleague super punch ep24, november 20th, 2020
12:10 AM EPIX unprotected sets: jared logan (morgantown, wv) & clayton english (atlanta) (#206)
[2nd season fall finale]
3:01 AM MOTORTREND.COM nascar 2020: under pressure: 4. entering the lion's den (#104)
  NETFLIX start-up: exit (#111)
8:00 AM NICK power rangers: beast morphers : fossil frenzy (#1017)
8:30 AM DISNEY JUNIOR pikwik pack: hazel’s mishap/axel’s lucky day (#104)
9:00 AM CARTOON teen titans go!: baby mouth (#V634)
9:15 AM CARTOON amazing world of gumball, the: the gumball chronicles: ancestor act (#806)
[8th season finale]
9:30 AM CARTOON total dramarama: gobble head (#V233)
9:45 AM CARTOON thundercats roar: the first thunds-giving (#V151)
10:00 AM FOOD pioneer woman, the: home sweet home: perfect as pie (#SP54)
11:00 AM FOOD kitchen, the: turkey day to-do list (#2608)
11:30 AM NICK it's pony: trash dash/save the took took (#117)
  DFC my little pony: pony life: bad thing no. 3 (#105)
11:45 AM DFC my little pony: pony life: pinkie pie: hyper-helper (pt 1 & pt 2) (#106)
12:00 PM NICK alvinnn!!! and the chipmunks: of mice and munks/simon saves the world (#424)
  FOX cfb on fox: indiana at ohio state (Week 12)
  FS1 cfb on fox: illinois at nebraska (Week 12)
  FOOD delicious miss brown: dishes that keep giving (#307)
  OWN lovely bites: girls catch up (#102)
12:30 PM OWN tregaye's way: friendsgiving (#102)
1:00 PM OWN food fantasies: fried hall of fame (#102)
1:30 PM OWN tanya's kitchen table: the spice of life (#102)
3:30 PM FS1 cfb on fox: california at oregon state (Week 12)
  CBS college football special: sec on cbs game of the week
4:00 PM FOX cfb on fox: kansas state at iowa state (Week 12)
6:00 PM OXYGEN killer siblings: suhs (#203)
7:30 PM ABC saturday night college football: oklahoma state at oklahoma (#1511)
8:00 PM HBO between the world and me
[original telefilm]
  DISNEY big city greens: shortsgiving (series of shorts)
  FOX cfb on fox: arizona at washington (FSP-2134)
  NICK danger force: the thousand pranks war: part i (#110)
  BBCA earth's great seasons: autumn (#103)
  LIFETIME feliz navidad
[original telefilm]
  HALLMARK nashville christmas carol, a: countdown to christmas
[original telefilm]
  LMN pretty cheaters, deadly lies
[original telefilm]
  HGTV should i stay or go?: bridging the gap (#1R1R07)
8:30 PM NICK side hustle: yard sale (#103)
9:00 PM ANIMAL PLANET dr jeff: rocky mountain vet: gator tale (#709)
  NGC drugs, inc: the fix - hard hash
  TRAVEL ghost nation: stairway to hell (#212)
[2nd season fall finale]
  HISTORY history's greatest mysteries: titanic's lost evidence (#102)
  OWN iyanla: fix my life: biological mama drama (#704)
  NAT GEO WILD secrets of the zoo: the hissing lynx
  HGTV should i stay or go?: the next level (#1R1R08)
[2nd season finale]
10:00 PM CBS 48 hours: the case against nicole addimando (#3313)
  HMC angel tree, the: miracles of christmas
[original telefilm]
  OWN behind every man: crystal smith (#105)
  TRAVEL destination fear: rolling hills asylum (#211)
  ANIMAL PLANET mega zoo: navigating a new normal (#108)
  NAT GEO WILD secrets of the zoo: north carolina: polar bear opposites (#104)
11:00 PM PBS austin city limits: the mavericks: en espanol (#4607)
11:30 PM FOX premier boxing champions special: pbc fight camp (FSP-2132)
[special presentation]

  [november 2020]