[friday, november 06, 2020]    
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12:01 AM AMAZON amazon documentary film special: ferro
[special presentation]
  APPLE TV+ long way up: nicaragua, honduras, guatemala & mexico (#110)
  APPLE TV+ oprah conversation, the: stevie wonder (#109)
[special presentation]
12:11 AM SUNDANCE deutschland 89: operation condor (#304)
3:01 AM NETFLIX barrier, the: remember who you are (#109)
  NETFLIX country ever after: season 1 (#101-112)
[series premiere]
  NETFLIX great british baking show, the (united kingdom): 1980's week (#C807/UK1107)
  NETFLIX hook up plan, the [french language]: the lockdown plan (#207-50)
[special presentation]
  DISNEY+ magic of disney's animal kingdom: the big egg switcheroo (#107)
  DISNEY+ mandalorian, the: chapter 10 (#202)
  NETFLIX netflix feature film special: citation (English)
[special presentation]
  NETFLIX netflix feature film special: the endless trench (la trinchera infinita) (EID - Spanish)
[special presentation]
  DISNEY+ one day at disney shorts: leslie evans: senior r&d imagineer (#149)
  DISNEY+ right stuff, the: vostok (#106)
  CBSAA tooning out the news: 11/6/20 week in review (michael isikoff/matt bai/jose antonio vargas/dana milbank) (#196)
  DISNEY+ weird but true: camping (#313)
[3rd season finale]
6:30 AM OVATION celebrity antiques road trip: episode 809 (0809CA)
8:00 AM CARTOON thundercats roar: sword heist (#V138)
8:15 AM CARTOON thundercats roar: claudus (#V137)
8:30 AM DISNEY mira, royal detective: the great diwali mystery/the case of the curious creature
9:00 AM DISNEY mickey mouse mixed-up adventures: duck, duck... geese!/shhhhh...!
11:00 AM NICK blue's clues & you! : thankful with blue (#120)
11:30 AM NICK blaze and the monster machines: the blaze family (#517)
12:00 PM NICK paw patrol: pups save the chalk art/pups save the hot potato (#716)
12:30 PM NICK santiago of the seas: the night of the turtles/santiago's regatta (#106)
6:00 PM FACEBOOK kinderfänger: old wounds (#102)
8:00 PM ABC 20/20: your voice/your vote: election 2020 - a special edition of 20/20
[new episode - special time]
  NBC american ninja warrior: finals 2 (#1208)
[12th season finale]
  LIFETIME christmas yule blog, the
[original telefilm]
  OXYGEN dateline nbc: the fugitive millionaire (#SU931)
  DISCOVERY gold rush: the fast and the furious (#1103)
  CBS greatest #athome videos, the: uplifting & heartfelt (#110)
  DISNEY raven's home: big little surprise
  PBS washington week: episode 6019 (#6019)
  FOX wwe's friday night smackdown: 110620 (WWE-2245)
8:26 PM DISNEY just roll with it: the preventers directive
8:30 PM NICK JR adventures of paddington, the: paddington and the metal detector (#125B)
  PBS firing line with margaret hoover: episode 419 (#419)
8:50 PM DISNEY disney fam jam: reynoso & dawson
9:00 PM PEACOCK amber ruffin show, the: november 6, 2020 (#106)
  FOOD diners, drive-ins & dives: triple d nation: diners, drive-ins and delis (#SP121)
  DISCOVERY gold rush: white water: white water roulette (#S101)
[one-hour special presentation]
  PBS great performances: one man, two guvnors (#4509)
  A&E live rescue: live rescue - 11.06.20
  WE love after lockup: two body bags (#317)
  HGTV my big italian adventure: 1 euro dream home: episode 2 (#102)
  OWN ready to love: watch what you say (#203)
  The CW world's funniest animals: episode 109 (#109)
10:00 PM CNBC american greed: bonus edition - baby-faced drug lords
  CBS cbs news special: cbs news 2020: america decides
[one-hour special presentation]
  HGTV house hunters: sin city sibling rivalry (#19305)
  NBC nbc news special: decision 2020: election special
[one-hour special presentation]
  OWN put a ring on it: letting go (#103)
  HBO real time with bill maher: tristan harris; malcolm nance; and rosa brooks (#548/1833)
  ABC shark tank: episode 1205 (#1205)
[new episode - special time]
  CINEMAX warrior: to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail (#206)
10:30 PM HGTV house hunters international: room for family and farm in sosua (#15701)
11:00 PM BBCA graham norton show, the: frank gardner, jessie buckley, david walliams, bill bailey, octavia spencer and dermot kennedy (#2805)
  HBO how to with john wilson: how to improve your memory (#03/103)
  MTV ridiculousness: chanel and sterling ccxxxii (#1834)

  [november 2020]